Preface to a Manual Directory Submission Service

It is not uncommon for internet marketers to spend days or even weeks perfecting a web site, following all the tips, tricks and methods that SEO expert have filled the internet with. These internet marketers like your site up and sit back and wait for the billions of hits which gurus promised. It soon becomes glaringly obvious that the only “traffic” to your site is hitting the internet marketer himself and his friends checking to see if the website has actually loaded well. This is not a rare disease, and the whole point that many Internet marketers miss is that on page SEO can be brilliant, but without the hard yards of off-page SEO. Your website is aimed at a solitary existence and free of traffic. One of the most effective methods of off-page SEO is to present a link to directories and submitting articles to article directories.

You can use a directory submission software application that is loaded on your PC. It denotes that you are in sum control of the process and can manage the process in a way that make sure that they are not just spam directories and submitting your link to relevant link directories and article directories. This in itself can create more problems for the budding internet marketing. The use of automated software is a big no -no. Link directories and article directories frown upon this practice and consider it spam, and probably never let see or see the light of day.

Manually submitting links to thousands of link directories and submitting articles to hundreds of article directories can be a full time job in itself. There are services that provide care manual submission, but the quality of these services is questionable at best, and often results in links or items not approved. With the manual directory submission will ensure that you can achieve a good quality one way links to your website. The importance of these links is twice the first SEO benefit is obtained from a link a site in the high page rank back to your site and secondly, your link traffic.

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